In the most recent issue of NJ Bride is Miss , or should I say Mrs., Ashley!  This was an AMAZING wedding and the vendors that worked together were definitely some of the best on the business.  Below is the article!   Advertisements


From the instant I met Jackie I knew she was a rockstar.  We had so much in common, especially our love for the color BLACK and FEATHERS!!  She is truly one of a kind and I really had such a nice time doing her makeup for her wedding.  


Here are some beautiful shots of Krys and her ladies.  The day of her trial was the same day as her bridal shower.  She lives out west, Colorado, so I was so excited when she said that she wanted me to do the makeup for her wedding day!  Enjoy

Allie Pro Shots!!

I love when photographers share shots from weddings we do together.  Sarah from Afterglow Photography sent these over and I just HAD to share.  Some of Allie’s pro shots were taken @ an equestrian center, so cool!! 


I met Allie 10 years ago, when her sister Kerry was my sisters college roommate and teammate and best friend 🙂  The Sullivan girls were absolutely stunning on 10/30/10!  Aliie and her girls chose airbrush and as you can see by the photos they looked beautiful!  Thanks to Allie and her girls for making our day a great one!!


On Sunday October 24, Kim and I headed to Somerset for Blair’s wedding at the Palace .  Kim does Blair’s sisters hair so when she got wind of the weddings we do she asked us to be a part of her day!  Her sister Amanda is getting married in 2012 and we will be there […]

Two Years

Two years ago on 10.25.08 I got married!  I can not believe that 2 years have gone by already.  i miss planning my wedding buy luckily I get to be a part of weddings every weekend.  i thank my husband for his support on this journey! This past week I was invited to join STYLE […]