To Lash, or NOT to Lash?

Like people, false eyelashes come in all shapes  and sizes.  Individual, half strips, full strip, natural, long, short, and full are just a few of their descriptions.  Not everyone will want or even need lashes, but the decision to use them is up to you.  If doing your own makeup or enlisting the help of a professional doing a trial run is very important.  This will ensure that you are comfortable with wearing lashes, that you like how the lashes look and feel more relaxed knowing how your face will look for your wedding day.

Since there are lots of lash options you want to choose ones that compliment your eye size and shape.  A good rule of thumb is measuring the lash along your lash line and snipping off any excess from the outside of the lash. (Be sure not to snip when the lash is being measured along your lash line, snip when the lash is in your hand.Just remember where you need to snip 🙂 )  Applying them yourself is not an easy task, it’s like riding a bike. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. There are many online tutorials that you can watch and learn the step by step of lash application.  I suggest using a strip of lashes rather than individual.  Individual lashes can be more tedious and you have to be very precise.

If going to a professional for your trial ask if they have different styles of lashes to choose from. If not bring some with you.  Lashes can be purchased everywhere from CVS to a MAC counter. If so discuss with them which ones they feel will be best. Once your shadows are perfectly blended , its LASH time.   Before they apply the adhesive onto the falsies have them place the lash on your eye so you can get an idea of how it will look before it is glued on.  Do this with 2 or 3 pairs , like I mentioned there are differnt styles of lashes so you should see which ones you feel most confident in.  Once the lashes are chosen, your makeup artist will adhere them with a latex adhesive.  A very common brand of adhesive is DUO.  The adhesive will need a few minutes to dry completely.  Although most times the glue is white, it will dry clear.  Once the glue is completely dried you may or may not have liner applied, depending on the process your makeup artist uses.  I suggest doing a before false lash picture and an after lash picture.  You can see the difference and then commit on weather or not you want to use them for your wedding day.

Do not remove lashes by tugging off.  Use your eye makeup remover and gently dab along the lash line , this will loosen the glue slightly.  Once you do this step now its time to take ’em off.  Grab the outer corner and peel away from your eye, similar to taking off a band aid.  cleanse your eyes once more to remove any excess glue and makeup. Lashes can be used more than once so a good rule of thumb is to keep the packaging and store them in there until its time to dress your eyes up.


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