The Modern Day Tupperwear Party!

Yesterday the wonderful Stacy May and I did a Bella Donna Party for 9 girls.  It was FANTASTIC!!  I know that these PARTIES will be the modern day tupperwear party!!

Each girl got 30 minutes for makeup and a 30 minute private session with Stacy. At first you can tell that the ladies were a little nervous but once their makeup was done and the lash glue was dried they were ready to shine in ALL of their confidence.  It is goog to remember that Bella Donna shoots are about SEXY CONFIDENCE not bareing it all.  It’s about what you are comfortable in.

As the Party was going on Mimosas were served, music was playing and girlfriends were telling stories of good ol times.  Bella Donna Parties are going to be all the rage this year.  Out with the candle and jewelry parties and in with Bella Donna Parties.  Each party guest receives an 8 x 10 of themselves and package options for albums and/or prints.

Keep tight the AMAZING Stacy Mae will be sharing pictures in the near future.

Bella Donna Parties are great for:

Bride & Bridemaids

Best Friends

30, 40, 50 th Birthday Party



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