Something Old, Something New

2010 wedding trends are going to be ALL about incorporating New & Fresh with Vintage & Romance. Along with these new trends your makeup will have to be incorporated to “work” with your look, theme, general idea.  Makeup & Hair completes your wedding day look and the style you are going for.  Weather you want to go smokey and sultry or glowing and fresh these 2010 trends  will be here for the year ahead.

Birdcage Veils

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Birdcage Veils.  They speak volumes and are a classic twist to the traditional veil.  They are classic and vintage and will definitely be your IT accessory.  When wearing a birdcage veil your makeup can go many ways however your best bet is to go either soft and romantic (pictured above) OR 1950’s vintage, black liner with a true red lip.   The soft and romantic approach is a lovely way for those of you who aren’t everyday makeup wears to feel fresh and flawless on your wedding day.  For the bride who really wants to make a bold statement a Bird Cage Veil and a classic black liner with a red lip is the way to go.  Many red lipsticks are available but make sure you and your makeup artist decide on what type of red is best for you. Choosing the right red is all about the undertones in the lipstick.   If your complexion is pink, you’ll look better in plum shades, while girls with yellow tones are flattered by warmer reds that have a brown base.  Also make sure you line the entire lip area, red tends to bleed.


I have loved feathers for years and I am beyond THRILLED to see them in bouquets, headpieces and on dresses.  The feather of the moment is the tried and true peacock feather.  Can you say AMAZING color scheme!  Peacock feathers look lovely in a bouquet or in the hair of your bridesmaids.  Considering the MANY hues of blues and greens in these feathers I suggest a toned down makeup approach.  Neutral tones are a great way to not clash and have way too many colors going on with the peacock feather trend.


Does it ever get old?  Black is an it color for so many reasons.  First it looks GREAT on everyone.  Bridesmaids come in ALL shapes and sizes and for a bridal party with many different sized women BLACK will ensure you that everyone will look great.  Another great tip with wearing black is that you can have your ladies all in different dresses but have black be the color.  Mismatched bridesmaids dresses are another 2010 trend.  When having a black themed wedding your makeup palate is ENDLESS.  Purples & Greys are what I think of first , with a nice glossy kiss me deadly glossed up lip.  Another makeup idea with black is a berry/wine colored lip and some falsies (lashes).

2010 is here ladies and if this is your wedding year or if it’s the year you get engaged  CONGRATULATIONS, enjoy every minute of it.   Try for up to date wedding trends, tips and advice from professionals.   There are MANY resources out there to assist you.  Use recommended vendors and remember that pictures last a lifetime, make sure your makeup artist has a BRIDAL portfolio.  Anyone can tell you that they do makeup but bridal makeup is special and takes a talented artist who understands photography, skin tones, color theory and much more!


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