I now pronunce you..

Well as some of you may or may not know I am of the cloth, ha, I am an Ordained Minister: I can legally perform wedding ceremonies in NJ.  A few months back, a bride of mine, K. asked if I would be interested in performing the ceremony for her and her then fiancee J.  When I was doing her make up  trial it had come up that I was to marry my good friend.

When K asked I was floored, me? the make-up girl? How flattering! I not only was the Minister BUT I was also the make-up artist for the entire wedding party and moms and Aunt T.!  Putting the minister duties aside for a moment, this group of girls was FANTASTIC! I loved each and every one of them and hopefully we will hang soon!

The MAKE-UP MINISTER is in FULL swing, SERIOUSLY, I loved being able to do this for them and will jump when the opportunity arises again.The new Mrs.F

Miss K was one of THE most breathtaking brides, she was so classic but extremely fashion forward! When her groom saw her for the first time I felt like time stopped! He was smiling from ear to ear! Thank you SO very much K., J, and little J for including me in on your wedding!

BridesmaidBridesmaidMom and Aunt T.!!


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