Answers about AIRBRUSH!!

So, today I took another airbrush class at Temptu in NYC.  The class was taught by Dani Fonseca.  To see some of  Dani’s work copy and past this link : OR

I learned so much by such a true master and I am ecstatic to be able to share my knowledge with you.  I also invested in a killer 1.7lb airbrush machine that is so portable I can airbrush anywhere.  Ok, so now you ask, WHY AIRBRUSH??

Hygenic– no bacteria will transfer on to skin.  It does not clog pours and every application is a fresh one

Naturally Blends into Complexion- the mini pixels that are being sprayed onto your skin are invisible. The texture resembles a second skin.

Longevity factor- It is water resistant so weather you are under lights, in the rain or up at the alter your make-up is full proof!!


I will be using the TEMPTU S/B Make-up this is a SILICONE based make up and it is amazing.  It looks like second skin.  Using silicone, instantly fills in lines and smooths the surface of your skin.  It is truly radiant and gives you such a natural finish you wont even know your wearing make-up!!In addition to using it for foundation, you can air brush everything from highlighter to brows, to eyes to bronzer!!

I will still be offering the options of tradition make-up however, now that I am completely understanding of airbrush I will do the best I can to educate my clients on the reasons to go with airbrushing.


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