Foundation types and Primers

“I like foundation but I do not want to feel it on my skin”

Well I have heard the above quote about 35,000 times in my career.  When you wear foundation you shouldn’t feel it, it should be like a second skin. It should NOT be uncomfortable.  Depending on the coverage you want there are a few options, however first we must talk primer. A primer goes on AFTER your moisturizer before your foundation (whether it be liquid, tinted moisturiser,  or a powder). Primers are meant to work as a barrier between your skin and your foundation.  They are meant to SMOOTH out pours, fill lines and give your foundation something to rest on.  My FAVORITE primer out there right now is : POP FACE MAGNET PRIMER, which can be found at ULTA.  The reason why I like this one compared to all of the others out there is simple, it goes on like a lotion, smooths the skin, and your skin is luminous instantly. It has caffeine in it to help circulation and it also has skin tightening properties.  It works instantly and any type of foundation can be worn with it.

Primers are not meant to add extra time to your regimen by any means.  They hold your foundation on so you do not need to touch up after a long day.  They really are a magnet for your foundation, bronzer and blush.

One more thing, just because your foundation has an SPF in it , it is not enough, make sure your moisturizer has it too 🙂

Different types of foundation:

Liquid–  oil free, mattifying, illuminating, light- very heavy coverage, tinted moisturizer

Anyone can really wear a liquid, just depends on your skin type. If you are oily stay away from highly illumination foundaions, go more towards the mattifying.

Powder– mineral, loose, pressed

Depending on your skin type powders can look great too. If you are Extremely dry, I would stay away from the power it tends to sit in the dry patches.




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