I was born with dark circles, now make them go away.

Ok, so as a person who was born with the dreaded dark circles under her eyes I know how many of you feel.  They do not disappear, most of the time they are hereditary.  You can tell how tired (or how hungry)  I am by how dark my circles are!

Everytime I have a client in my chair the FIRST thing I ask is, do you use eye cream? If they say NO, I die a little inside. NO, what do you mean NO?!?!  You must must must take care of your face before you are going to put make up on.  The skin under your eyes is much thinner then the skin on your face and it get lines quicker.  So, before you even think of concealing , moisturize those bad boys and use your ring finger, it applies the least amount of pressure in that delicate area. Now on to concealing…………..

If you are covering dark circles (blueish grey coloring) under the eyes,  you want to use a red based concealer. WHY you ask, well to keep it simple RED cancels out the darkness.  If you use YELLOW it will grey up the area and that wont look very pretty. ( For MAC users NW is the RED base, NC is the yellow base). My complexion is an NC but the pesky dark circles go away with an NW.

When deciding on the appropriate concealer color, choose a shade that is one toslightly lighter than your skin tone. Choosing a concealer that is too light will result in a grayish, violet cast to the skin. Choosing a concealer that is too dark will only accentuate the problem. If your concealer is too think mix a little with your eye cream.

Apply your concealer with a brush, that helps you get into the corner of your eyes. You can always blend it with your finger but I like using a brush first. Also do not OVER conceal, if you do, the it will look cakey and packed on there, just conceal lightly. Your dark circles are yours, own it, love them, just hide them a little 🙂



One thought on “I was born with dark circles, now make them go away.

  1. THANK YOU for posting this! I have hereditary dark circles and can’t seem to get rid of them! I’m off to pick up the MAC base tomorrow! 🙂

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